Colossal Security Breach 1/29/2014

2013-02-13 07.51.09

New Manager Sharon flames quickly


Fountains newest Manager of the Month was heralded as having 10 years of experience. Sharon lasted 5 months.

  • Security Breach 1/29/2014
  • Midpen Vice President Sobeck Failure
  • Sobeck’s head should’ve rolled
  • Also Region head Wolcott, invisible Property Manager Torres, and invisible onsite Midpen representative Casperson
  • Impunity & assuming No responsibility runs all the way to the top

Sobeck’s newest construction project fails because no one is in charge. No adult supervision. You can’t make this shit up.

The security breach was caused because during construction, No one is in charge of the entire property except the construction company. In fact when on site, they take over the entire community, storerooms, Community Room, livability.

  • Managers are incentivized from the bottom to the top to not Supervise. Why take the risk of failure. There’s no meritocracy. There’s no reward. Why get shot down like Richard? You only FOLLOW protocol. If it is something that protocol does not cover which is the majority of issues, Midpen does nothing.

Inside the arena where stuff happens Midpen does not participate. They would rather 1. send out 124 memos instead of 2. proactively walking 50 feet, knocking on a door and solving a problem.

  • A fundamental problem of Midpen: no one has ever learned how to manage because you manage by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes. If you just follow protocol you learn nothing.

Just to confuse the situation, the managers during construction are told to tell you that they are in charge and to contact them for any thing. But if you do they just give you some bullshit answer because they don’t know what’s going on, don’t want to, never will, now will you just let them get back to surfing the Internet and talking on the telephone.

Failure cost 250 lock changes, 124 front and rear door, Approx. $20,000. because of double and triple overtime. Plus a resident  file from Tyrella Gardens was also breached. Midpen’s typical obfuscation would lead one to conjecture that the resident was not told. (all financial personal info exposed)

Astoundingly beyond comprehension both property management office doors and services office doors we’re left open from Friday 5 PM through following Monday 8:30 AM. No adult supervision here.











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