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The “Lucifer Effect” at Midpen

The Holocaust was a World  Lucifer Effect on steroids,  Abu Ghraib was the United States sponsored Lucifer Effect on steroids. These pictures represent Evil.

blood butt blead face beat falacio hood nude shit boy

This last picture was a man who covered himself in feces every day and the soldiers rolled him in the dirt every day to stifle the odor. They called him “Shit Boy”. He obviously should have been in a mental hospital.

The soldier and his family, who exposed this horror had to be put into protective custody for years because of constant death threats.


What makes people go wrong. Good people cross the line. Evil is the exercise of power: this is the key. Both Abu Ghraib and Stanford Prison study put people through unbelievable humiliation because power is BAD.

That’s why Google takes the manager’s power away.

Google 55,000 employees enjoy the following structure:
  • take power away from managers
  • managers main job is working for their team
  • managers are reviewed by their subordinates
  • managers do not review their subordinates

So what caused Abu Ghraib? What caused this sadistic humiliation torture beatings? Taking the first small step is easy. If a culture treats their body as sacred, taking a picture of them in the nude is beyond humiliation. Their body is sacred.

My apartment at the Fountains should be a sacred place, but Midpen with it’s  Preventive Maintenance “you live here at the pleasure of Midpen,” and it’s mind numbing 10, 20, 30 inspections per year means I do not have a home, I have no sacred place, they will come through my door without knocking just like they did before.

Dehumanize. In Viet Nam we called them Gooks? Perhaps Midpen uses Geezers, Relics, Losers 

Anonymity. The beauracracy insures this. No one is responsible. The buck stops no where.

MIDPEN is Blind obedience to Authority. Just doing my job.

7 steps 2 evil

We all have the capacity to cross the line at any time. We are not static. We change from good to bad or bad to good, it depends

Lucifer effect

The It Depends is because the SAME situation which inflames the Hero also can lead to Evil of Inaction.

Very Same


MIDPEN is Blind obedience to Authority