Andy retires and is replaced by a Real Professional Human Being. 2/1//2013

New Fountain apartment Maintenance Manager Richard Haro enjoys 2 unfair (tongue in cheek) advantages.

  • Richard loves people and people love him, aka mutual celebration life and humanity
  • Richard is charismatic.

These admirable qualities make him an easy target for peer jealousy especially if you’re a bare minimum employee. As soon as Richard arrived,

  • Richard came early stayed late unlike any other Midpen employee who’s ever been on this property before during or after his arrival.

Our property became clean and pleasant, Instead of dirty and Andy mean. A parade of residents was at the Managers door praising Richard.

  • Most Midpen employees stay outside of the arena where work gets done and strictly follow protocol never doing extra initiative based projects.
  • Richard is always in the arena taking shots because he knows he’ll miss 100% of the shots he doesn’t take. He also knows he takes the risk of having people take shots at him because he chooses to soar.
  • Oh, and I forgot, he is the only hard working Midpen employee I’ve ever seen on 10 different properties I have visited.

Within two months both assistant Maintenance Omar and Manager Maria had become jealous and Omar filed a complaint on Richard which Maria was only too quick to process.


Omar declared himself a hard worker as well. It was true, 30% of time and rest of the time he was hiding in the back storeroom talking on his phone. Midpen people have legendary talking on the phone all work day long skills.

  • The exact same mean vicious draconian rules applies to both residents as well as employees.

The jaws of the bureaucracy


we’re in motion and they chewed a while on Richards body. The Fountain community rebelled, Debra Sobeck Midpen VP Property Management and all the other department heads came to the Fountains for a dog and pony show, but

  • Guaranteed that nothing would happen because she said “we couldn’t talk about the past.” The community begs to talk about problems and Midpen refuses. Sobeck playbook is pure


  • no measurement, no shame, no vulnerability, no humanity is displayed.

Instead, they placated us with the next construction project.  Maria was forced out by the Fountain community, Richard had been demoted to East Menlo Park and then transferred back to the Fountains after our mass protest.

The Fountain Managers job was vacant for several months.

  • Midpen seems to place no value with filling a vacant managers position or real office hours.

It took them over two months. East Menlo Park manager’s position was vacant nine months and then they filled it with someone who didn’t have a high school diploma. 

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