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Bath Fan Installation 11/26/2013 Invisible Fail

Semi automatic semi continuous bath ventilation fan was installed. No Inspector or Midpen looked  at any top floor apartment attics where they did the work. I observe that lesser quality materials are used in replacement and repair by contractors. We start with the following picture showing attic view, insulation strewn aside 6′ x 6′ for installation purposes.bathInstall

Grey tape below is already unraveling. Improper tape. Should be HVAC foil tape whose permanence grey tape lacks


Below grey tape haphazardly placed over the old fan duct opening guaranteed most certainly to unravel letting in insects, hot and cold air.


Grey tape unraveling below


Pic below shows no framing used with sheetrock supporting fan


Finished Job.

They left insulation all strewn about and its resulting loss of insulative qualities and additional utility expense. The flexible ducting is cheaper and  less durable than the sheetmetal it replaces.

The old sheetmetal ductwork was strewn aside and left for the Big One.

  • This is Midpen No Supervision Work
  • No Looking, Nothing
  • Contractor fully paid, Resident fully ripped off 



Below is what the attic looked like before they began. It is also how it should look if complete. 12 inches of insulation. 

12 inches




Termite Infestation

Reported 6/22/2012. Work partially completed 17 MONTHS later.

  • Failure to Supervise continues. 
  • Midpen never looks.
  • No Termite remediation of the infected areas. In other words, they cut out the visible damage and do not treat adjacent areas as is Professional standard procedure

The following week after my transfer to my new smokey apartment, I exit my rear patio door a find a thread hanging from the header trim on the outside. I pull the thread and it exposes a termite infestation which had been covered up with caulk and painted. Pic below is looking up at the top of the rear door from outside of the patio.

IMG_6883 copy

The top right corner of the above picture shown below shows a mesh material which they use to cover sheet rock seams and then mud over with texture.

IMG_6883 copy copy

And below shows  same mesh used in traditional sheet rock patch.


Andy or someone covered up the Infestation with mesh and caulk.

  • When the repair was complete with the Midpen Fastrac Program, there was a convenient one inch highway for cucaracha and the evening breeze.
  • The screen was rehung incorrectly and would not close
  • It took 2 more weeks to get the sweep installed on the door base but I rehung the screen myself, fabricated a special header and installed screen weatherstrip for the bugs.

Door w 1