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Two Canaries die, one Murder, one Suicide

coal definition
In a coal mine if no one sees the dead canary people will die.
3/19/2015. Murder Suicide 1.6 Miles from Fountain apartments at Alta Torre apartments, a Bridge Housing developer as well as  co-develper of the Fountains. I read many news reports. Loner disgruntled parking issue strict manager accused of stealing inside loaner’s apartment.
3/23/2015. I enter Alta Torre as a prospective tenant but actually I’m gathering data about the murder suicide.
The property manager and a corporate troubleshooter were both in the office. They were exceedingly polite. When I asked the question if they thought the strict rules contributed to the deaths, they were dismissive as if I had not even asked the question.
I find that the loaner was in poor health, diabetic, heart and mobility problem, strict Manager would not let loaner park car in garage because of oil leaks. Parking is exceeding difficult on the street as it is adjacent the JCC and a busy office park area. Loaners car was towed. The towing sparked a rage against the Manager.
  • These two deaths were a canary in a coal mine.
  • Willful blindness has prevented measurement or evaluation.
Strict synonyms: stringent, severe, harsh, ironclad, authoritarian. These are mean words.
One size fits all strict rules easily lead to power abuse and unintended consequences. One unintended consequence: strictness equals blindness.
It’s easy to be mean enforcing strict rules. You immediately lose the purpose the rule is trying to accomplish and focus on police and punish. When strict and harsh you lose sight of the human being, both you and them.
It would be easy for the loaner to imagine something missing in his apartment.
elder loaner
Managers are constantly in your apartment with unlimited inspections. My first inspection Midpen Sr Inspector Donald Wade walked into my apartment without knocking with his partner, I asked them to leave, then Andy burst in and I asked them all to leave.
  • Then I received a lease violation because I would not let them barge into my home.
  • You have no quiet enjoyment
  • You have no voice
  • Your home is not your castle
During the last 5 month of 2011 at the Fountains I received 16 notices covering 39 days I was subject to inspection.
16 memos 39 days subject to inspections This is insane. My canary is feeling sick.
  • Lazlo Bock is one of my heroes
In his Book Work Rules Lazlo Bock states “we are all flawed messy biased human beings and we make bad judgements:” relying on one size fits all strict rules is a plan for disaster.
Google 55,000 employees enjoy the following structure:
  • take power away from managers
  • managers main job is working for their team
  • managers are reviewed by their subordinates
  • managers do not review their subordinates
Lazlo and his book are key to my blog. My takeaway from Work Rules is really how to treat and interact with people all the time 24/7. We have infinite potential to do good and bad. Power is abused Absolutely. Midpen is complete denial willful blindness.
I am a canary inmate in a draconian coal mine: Fountains apartments.