Security Service hired to scare Residents

A security service was hired approximately 7 days ago to legitimatize my eviction. Myself a threat to everyone called an UnfortunateEvent

The security guards think this is a joke since anyone can walk the property at night and the most dangerous thing that might happen is that someone might open an unlocked door and make a coffee latte. Or be awoken by someone snoring loudly in the parking lot with all their windows down.

Version 2

This flyer 9.15.15OnyxCoMtg was posted yesterday on all doors to announce a supposed resident meeting this week.

Then a clown flyer MattdreamingBobby was posted about the same time.

Send in the clowns. Perhaps if Frank Sinatra were still alive Matt could have Frank record it for boyfriend Robert Rubin.

House of Cards about to Fall


Matt et all

The people with email addresses below have received an email invitation. Please see them for details. Please give me a headcount by Friday noon so I can reserve a larger facility if it is available. This room will hold 14 max but with standing maybe 30.

The purpose of the 20 minute talk will be to expose the following:

  1. Midpen is a souless company
  2. You will lose Hernandez vs Midpen lawsuit because a mountain of new information has been found
  3. You have breached your fiduciary responsibility to 14,000+ residents
  4. When a contractor is on your site they invariably  are at risk of OSHA  violations and you indirectly
  5. When a contractor is on site, they always try to shirk their permit requirements.
  6. When a contractor is on the site they become the de facto manager of the property.
  7. When a contractor is on  site no one at Midpen looks, they’re not even interested, they don’t have the least bit curiosity.
  8. When a contractor does work on site, you use a inspecteur to sanitize the work just like the mortgage industry used the rating companies to sanitize junk paper. That means any faulty work the inspector misses never gets found and its massive.
  9. You’re obsessive use of protocol equates to a manager never learning how to manage because we learn how to manage by making mistakes. It’s the heart of Silicon Valley, but what is most necessary is the measurement and correction when you fail. You never measure anything when you fail.
  10. You have a huge termite problem on all your older properties
  11. Your people are institutionalize laziness from the bottom to the very top
  12. You have so convoluted fair housing that if a resident wants something done you do not because someone else might want something done.
  13. You’re people categorically use intimidation harassment and continual abuse of power and its evil consequences.
  14. The same disdain which you treat residents you also treat your employees.
  15. You hire decent people and corrupt them with your values. It is common for property offices to be closed more often than they’re open. It is common for your people to break the rules more often then the residents. Those same people have complete impunity. Out of 50 to 70 Midpen employees I’ve had contact with, I found two nice people. I  found one hard worker who has been beat to shit twice because he worked too hard.
  16. This list is just the beginning. It goes on and on and on and on.

Matthew O.Franklin

Arthur Fatum

Richard S. Chapura

Dariush Kayhan

Jan M. Lindenthal

Mark Battey – Board Chair     Managing Director

Miramar Environmental, Inc.

Beth Bartlett – Vice-Chairperson


Bartlett Ventures

Paul Staley – Vice-Chairperson

Independent Real Estate Consultant & Developer

Monique Moyer – Treasurer

Executive Director

Port of San Francisco

Daniel Seubert – Secretary


Heffernan Seubert & French LLP

Julia Baigent – Director


Law Office of Julia M. Baigent

Gina Diaz – Director

LMS North America – Enterprise, Channel & ULA Accounts

Oracle USA

Erik Doyle – Director

Managing Director, Capital Markets

Jones Lang LaSalle

Terry Freeman – Treasurer


Terry Freeman & Associates, LLC

Koonal Gandhi – Director

Chief Investment Officer

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kim Le – Director

Founder & CEO


Richard Slaton – Director

Senior Project Manager

Zcon Builders

Susan Smartt – Director

Executive Vice President

Related California

Holly Vocal – Director

Vice President

De La Rosa & Co. Investment Bankers

Vanessa Cooper

Housing Authority


Peace of mind

The needle has finally moved. Midpen has finally admitted failureAdmitting Failure

There is no victory for me, just a bit of peace of mind. The journey is the reward.

I am appalled at our local and national.government.  The same goes to police everywhere. When the Mountain View swat team comes into Pete’s coffee Mountain View California I am scared for our country. Silicon Valley is now moving so fast that every young person walking to school is at risk from a speeding car and the swat team should be disbanded. Instead they should be guarding the sidewalks and crosswalks for the young instead of scaring the shit out of me and killing anything that moved on the bridge at Katrina.

I have been engaged in a civil disobedience effort, along with others, to effect a exponential change at the Fountains and Midpen. We call ourselves the

Tribe of Zane. It’s not the best branding but it’s all about heart.


My last blog post spoke of my many heroes and now I have them in Mountain View California Government and police force.

Mountain view California Health and safety inspector, Jim Peterson, was instrumental in citing Gallaher construction for their continuing egregious disregard for the health and safety of Fountain residents. I first met Jim Peterson August 26 2015 approximately 8 AM at his Mountain View CA office, and within two hours he arrived at our property issuing a work stoppage to prevent cowboy construction. On that same day, learning he was from Santa Cruz, I tried to bribe him with a jar of Santa Cruz honey which he flat out refused for the obvious reasons.

My civil disobedience made me well-known with the Mountain View Police Department. I hope to replace the picture below with a better picture. This team of officers came to my door on two occasions. On first occasion the gentleman handled the situation. On the second occasion his extraordinary partner.  They were so full of humanity and compassion it blew my mind. There was never a display of power. I did receive lectures about keeping out of peoples faces. And keeping out of people’s faces is a necessary life lesson.

Version 2

Help, I need somebody


Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help

If you’ve only read bits and pieces of this blog started on August 5, 2015 the result may be the following

  1. Gallagher construction has made a series of stupid and egregious errors., including three permit violations two of which directly endangered the health and welfare of the residents. They are the de facto managers now and continually harass intimidate this blog author.
  2. The Fountain Apartments save one employee are so institutionalized laziness, they are ignorant and dumb. They are decent people but their laziness begets the ignorant and dumb.
  3. Fountains is not a one-off. It is perfectly representative of all Mid-pen Housing properties even if the property happens to be shining brand-new.
  4. Mid-pen Housing is Fountains apartments parent company overseeing 14,000 residents, 100+ properties.
  5. Mid-pen Housing, because of ignorance and dumbness, does not follow any tried and true property management principles. They make it up and it is sandbox mentality.
  6. There are more than several people on the Fountain property who have various medical problems and need help, Mid-pen Housing
    just doesn’t give a flying F.
  7. Mid-pen is strictly a political animal, instead of property management principles you get  political theater, dog and pony shows, Kabuki theater; if you want something done to someone in need, they might call the police on you. The Latino manager called the police yesterday on me because I was trying to help a Latino resident who is at risk.

The secret sauce of Silicon Valley is everyone shares information. Everyone shares how to do how to negotiate, best practices, how to everything: in coffee shops at cocktail parties and especially on the Internet. I could list tens of thousands of blogs events demos classes free classes free free free free free free free to sharing, but I list just 2 as an example.   How to start a startup an online class so phenomenal you can start a business just from watching this class. Four hour work week where you learn from peak performers all at the top of  their game how to do almost anything you want to do and their best practices and rituals they use to succeed.

I’m now reaching out to my heroes on the Internet almost all of whom have never heard of me but don’t have to because many of them are so generous, again the secret sauce of Silicon Valley, everyone shares everything. So Reaching out to the following people blogs companies podcasts. Living or not.

How can I make this blog viral so as to effect a change? Help you know I need someone help.

My heroes in no particular order:

@photomatt @tferriss @PeterDiamandis @Scobleizer

@SebastianThrun @pahlkadot @GoogleVentures @lessig 

@cshirky;  @pmarca @ianbremmer @elonmusk @davemcclure 

@bjfogg  @danariely @DanielPink @ArthurLevitt @EdwardTufte 

 @Gimletmedia @peterthiel @LPagehpttt @sherylsandberg 

@balajis  @stewart @psaffo @jack@TEDchris @timoreilly

 @reidhoffman   @BreneBrown @naval @kevin2kelly @TaraBrach 

@avantgame   @PeterDiamandis @photomatt @tferriss 

@chefsamkass @bryan_johnson @GoogleXProject @noahkagan

 @photomatt@abexlumberg @rolfpotts @freakonomics @RyanHoliday 

@democracynow @iraglass @startupschool @planetmoney 

@EconTalke @a16z @AoDespai @RigobertMenchu @sama @paulg 

@ycombinator @tim_cook @SirKenRobinson @avantgame 

@kellymcgonigal @M_Heffernan @PhilZimbardo @LaszloBock2718 

@GuyKawasaki @amyjccuddy

I’m also compelled to site a book as my hero: Work Rules!
And a hero Stanford class: Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction taught by hero Patty Mclucas

Fountains apartment is not a One-Off

The Fountains is typical of all Midpen properties. I have visited 10 Midpen properties, as well as many John Stewart, Bridge, and Eden locations.
Dan Ariely  says everybody cheats a little bit but still feels good about themselves. But if you have a situation where there is no supervision then the system allows people to spiral out of control just like the Milgram experiment, the Stanford prison study, Abu Ghraib and even Katrina where police we’re given orders to Shoot to kill anything that moved.
Midpen employees are always the biggest rule violators. They role model this behavior to residents,  who they then punish with aplomb.
Midpen managers across the board lack life experiences. They do not learn how to manage because of protocol. Often, it seems they don’t even speak English because their life experiences are so limited. Recently I used the word startup with a Midpen manager and they asked me what that meant.
What follows is a pictorial account of a non Fountain manager who manages one property and is a nighttime manager on a different property.
I didn’t know they made a box this large. 4’x4’x4′. Obviously against fire safety regulations as well as Midpen rules. This is a patio. It stayed there 2 months despite my request to Daniel Fagen, property manager at the time who shared with me he had to go through another property manager because of the bureaucracy.
 All pictures below are inside the manager’s car which sat overnight.
Melanie Kuuipo Casperson
These propane gas cylinders we’re placed directly behind the drivers seat where they sat three days while the car was being driven. As I said, Midpen managers lack elementary life experiences.
Melanie Kuuipo Casperson
Picture shows bank deposit satchel with the distinctive lock and key. WT F
If you’re going to leave a personal legal document in your car, I guess you will leave your company legal documents in your car as well. Or as in the colossal security breach, you leave it in the hallway with all your office doors open and all the resident keys exposed.
Midpen forced WordPress, the platform for this blog, to remove a picture I had here showing

legal documents

which a Midpen manager left scattered around in their car overnight while it was parked on a public street.
If you see a sloppy maintenance supply room it’s indicative of what the property may look like. This is a statement of what this manager’s property and office organization might look. However I know they don’t walk around that property because they don’t around their night manager’s property.
melody food fight car Melanie popcorn
A company resident contract document, maybe no big deal but maybe it is.
Rumors are rampant at various locations in the company that checks don’t get cashed on time or maybe they don’t make it all. Either way this check sitting overnight in the car is more than careless.

Midpen forced WordPress, the platform for this blog, to remove a picture I had here showing


which a Midpen manager  left scattered around in their car overnight while it was parked on a public street.

Managers break rules on the property and on city streets on other peoples properties. Scroll up 4 pictures and see Superior court traffic etc.
melanie melanie blocking driveway overnight
Midpen is a corruption of values. It hires decent people and then through institutionalized laziness, corruption of values, no supervision, and executes a OCD mentality of punishment. It allows people only to follow protocol, and they never learn how to manage because they never are able to make mistakes which is the way people learn how to manage.
Failure is the heart of the start up world also known as Silicon Valley.
You don’t learn how to manage out of a book, You don’t learn leadership by the book. This corruption of values goes all the way to the very top.
I have been intimidated harassed given repeated lease violations, issued fantastical lies in a legal document and driven to complete distraction. I’ve lived here six years and it’s never been my home through senseless idiotic 10,20,30 invasions of my privacy every year through incompetent scheduling of inspections. When your contractors come on the property they act just like your employees and they completely run over everyone as de facto managers. It’s going on right now and it looks like this property is doomed to continual construction every year because it’s a mess. Residents can never believe what Midpen employees say: it’s either an excuse or a lie. It’s always a dog and pony show political theater. Your offices are commonly closed more than they are open.
Services employees are the laziest creatures the world has ever known.
Matthew Franklin, Debra Sobeck, Evelyn Catlin, and Richard Chapura, if you can find him in Canada, should all be fired. Your Company is as evil as the Egyptian government which just imprisoned journalist for reporting the news, and you want to engage in a witchhunt against me or anyone who doesn’t want to be oppressed by your dehumanization. You have so twisted fair housing to have your employees say that if someone wants something they can’t get it because someone else might want something. Moronic beyond belief.
One last thing to Matt, Debra and Eveyln,
If you dare make this above person a sacrificial lamb, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is your system that is the problem. That system is YOU.

Fountains safety violations daily occurrence

As previously mentioned, construction projects dominate control and become de facto property managers at the Fountains.

August 31 2015, I observed the following events:
Gallagher truck early afternoon speeding past Big Michael’s wife and baby forcing them to duck for cover. 
I say  hello to these Russian people everyday and they would verify. When my civil disobedience first began, Michael shook my hand and said Good Luck. This truck was just visiting.
Gallaher driving excessively fast past baby
Gasoline container,
gasoline engine,
and toxic Sikaflex
stored overnight in hot marginally ventilated electrical rooms building B and C.
Gallagher construction given complete control of these electrical rooms; they adjust locks and doors for their benefit. Marisol Huerta, Fountain Community manager allows them unfettered control.
Nassim Taleb and his Precautionary Principle would say this product should not be used in residential situations especially closely space apartment of the elderly. Gallaher is using it on a massive scale. The men use their cloveless  fingers to smooth the caulk, a common practice, but toxic xylene playing chicken with your health.
 Screen door at Dan’s apartment C529,
haphazardly placed, hippy construction,  allowing insects to enter. Mountain View is spraying for West Nile virus mosquitoes 9/2/2015. FogWestNile9.2.15  which Midpen will never talk about because 95% of our front and rear door screens leak insects. West Nile virus is most dangerous to the very young and very old. No cure.
Fountain residents receive a slick monthly newsletter which I call the nothing newsletter. Most of our residents don’t read it because English is their second language. FountainNews9.1.15
This months newsletter full of safety suggestions showing its full evil hypocrisy in view of disregard for resident safety.

The Stanford prison experiment

Despite the evil of Abu Ghraib, The Stanford prison experiment  was even more profound and controversial in its results. It confirmed human frailty Power abuse causality. Power is abused. Power is abused absolutely.Darth Vader

The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was a study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or prison guard.

18 College volunteers were divided into one group of nine uniformed prisoners and one group of nine uniformed prison guards to play act a two week experiment in a mock dungeon.

This study was abruptly canceled the sixth day as five prisoners had emotional breakdowns. The guards enforced authoritarian measures and ultimately subjected some of the prisoners to psychological torture including sadism just like Abu Ghraib.

Repeating: this was all suppose to be playacting, everything mock, yet it still descended into evil.

In his book, The Lucifer EffectZimbardo candidly looks back over the experiment and says, ‘Only a few people were able to resist the situational temptations


to yield to power and dominance while maintaining some semblance of morality and decency.

Midpen people put their uniform on every morning and this gives them license to abuse power with corruption of values and their attendant attitudes:

  • arrogance: Midpen people  know they have impunity and unsupervised power


  • snark
  • prima donna: I’ve been a Manager 10 years therefore I’m
  • you better respect me despite my institutionalized laziness because
  • I have the power to evict you from California or, if a fellow employee, to mess with your career

these attitudes  going all the way to the Sobeck top.

The “Lucifer Effect” at Midpen

The Holocaust was a World  Lucifer Effect on steroids,  Abu Ghraib was the United States sponsored Lucifer Effect on steroids. These pictures represent Evil.

blood butt blead face beat falacio hood nude shit boy

This last picture was a man who covered himself in feces every day and the soldiers rolled him in the dirt every day to stifle the odor. They called him “Shit Boy”. He obviously should have been in a mental hospital.

The soldier and his family, who exposed this horror had to be put into protective custody for years because of constant death threats.


What makes people go wrong. Good people cross the line. Evil is the exercise of power: this is the key. Both Abu Ghraib and Stanford Prison study put people through unbelievable humiliation because power is BAD.

That’s why Google takes the manager’s power away.

Google 55,000 employees enjoy the following structure:
  • take power away from managers
  • managers main job is working for their team
  • managers are reviewed by their subordinates
  • managers do not review their subordinates

So what caused Abu Ghraib? What caused this sadistic humiliation torture beatings? Taking the first small step is easy. If a culture treats their body as sacred, taking a picture of them in the nude is beyond humiliation. Their body is sacred.

My apartment at the Fountains should be a sacred place, but Midpen with it’s  Preventive Maintenance “you live here at the pleasure of Midpen,” and it’s mind numbing 10, 20, 30 inspections per year means I do not have a home, I have no sacred place, they will come through my door without knocking just like they did before.

Dehumanize. In Viet Nam we called them Gooks? Perhaps Midpen uses Geezers, Relics, Losers 

Anonymity. The beauracracy insures this. No one is responsible. The buck stops no where.

MIDPEN is Blind obedience to Authority. Just doing my job.

7 steps 2 evil

We all have the capacity to cross the line at any time. We are not static. We change from good to bad or bad to good, it depends

Lucifer effect

The It Depends is because the SAME situation which inflames the Hero also can lead to Evil of Inaction.

Very Same


MIDPEN is Blind obedience to Authority



Milgram experiment On obedience to authority figures

Milgram experiment measured the willingness of participants to disobey they’re conscience.
Participants were instructed to apply an ever increasing voltage electricity to someone in adjacent room they could not see.
The experiment was trying to answer the question
  • was Eichmann and millions of Germans just following orders?

Americans, when told findings we’re horrified that most decent people when instructed by teacher Authority figure would push the button even while hearing people scream next-door.

Midpen: Do you hear our primal scream?
Midpen is the Milgram experiment. Sobeck, her lieutenants, even the bureaucracy itself: are the authority figures. The major league Fountain Management troika have redlined the voltage meter.

I am processed for eviction. Midpen is locked and loaded pointing at me.

My status through Midpen eyes:
  1. 2010 inmate
  2. 2011 problematic
  3. 2012 persona non grata
  4. 2013 pariah
  5. 2014 highly evictable
  6. 2015 eviction process started

I am a thorn in Midpen side. They know up-and-down the chain of command I think they’re lazy, abuse power, corruption of values and immature.  I am a threat to Sobeck’s

Community manager Marisol Huerta, assistant community manager Monica Zamora, social service assistant Heidi Monroy using fantastical creativity were instrumental in creating ”perform or quit”, the last step to begin the eviction process. This troika is in the

This troika, jealous of Richards’s prominence are the same rumored troika causing Richards’s latest bullying by the bureaucracy. They are truly Sobeck institutionalized laziness soldiers.
They are locked and loaded and they have me in their sites