Perfect Storm for Termites and Water

There is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016.


Approximately 8 years ago all the windows at the Fountains were replaced with a no name window brand. They were all installed


albeit some worse than others.

This first window picture shows a window that is correctly installed but it is not at the Fountains. There is a metal flashing rain cap at the top of the trim. The siding was exactingly cut so the the white wood trim fits tightly with a minimum of caulk and virtually no entry for insects especially termites. Even this picture is not perfect because the metal flashing rain cap should extend at least 1/2″ beyond each side of the trim at the top. almost correct rain cap +1%22

So what has Midpen, Sobeck, Franklin and their mascot done to remedy the problem?


The following picture is a typical window.




Metal flashing is fundamental and absent on all second and third floor windows, front and rear doors. It is a major entry point for moisture which winds down in the wall creating black mold on the interior sheet rock. Fountains has a 20 year+ history of black mold. This entry point is an excellent source of water for termites. This entry point is where a lot of the recent dry rot repair has taken place. Dry rot and termites go hand in hand because they are both the result of excess moisture. The absent rain cap requires caulking which always deteriorates quickly from the sun and outdoor elements.


It was moronic and inexplicable that the window is not flush to the white trim. There is a 3/8” gap which has been filled with caulk. Caulk that wide always will be a maintenance problem.

The bottoms of many windows have no caulk. In a winter El Nino rain, when it blows 50 or more miles/hour it will and does rain horizontally.


Water and termite entry area. As shown in the first picture, the siding should have been cleanly cut so that the trim rested inside and to the side of the siding. Not on top the siding. Also moronic and inexplicable that anyone would allow this. Plus no attempt to caulk most of these voids and if they do it has a very short life. These voids are 3/8” to 1/2” deep and 1” long. These voids are so large you could drive a termite truck through every opening. It is a major entry point for moisture which winds down in the wall creating black mold on the interior sheet rock. Fountains has a 20 year+ history of black mold.

Fountains has a termite epidemic. And this is how Midpen is addressing it.


If you look at the web site termite101.orgyou will see that it is a perfect storm for termites. 

Fountains spreads wood chips on all the grounds only before the big inspection from the Tax Credit authority inspectors thus creating a termite magnet.

Hundreds and hundreds of feet of siding touch the ground on the Fountains property.

Hundreds and hundreds of feet of siding is within a few inches of the ground. It

should be at least 12″.

Excessive moisture is always sprayed onto the foundation  to include the flower beds at the front and rear entrances. During Andy Montejano reign pools of water were common all over the property from constant broken irrigation sprayers.

The number of openings for insects and termites to enter on this property are beyond count. They are everywhere and no one cares.

Foundation cracks are everywhere.


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