Meet Jason Garcia

Jason Garcia

Version 2

who states his former occupation as Roofer, arrived at the Fountains as a Rover Maintenance Man. Rover meaning someone to cover for the absence of a permanent maintenance employee. I chatted him up a bit and he proudly displayed his dusting brigade persona. September 20, 2012

Jason dust brigade

Unbelievably, inexplicably, and mindlessly this task must be assigned under protocol from the Midpen home office. To remove cobwebs and spiders? This task is already taken care of by Fountains pest service provider. Midpen employees don’t use a dust mask during this task so there is usually quite a bit of coughing and wheezing.

The next time Jason is at the Fountains, he pushes a grocery cart around. November 5, 2012.

jason w grocery cart

which is against Midpen Rules which Midpen employees never observe. They don’t follow and have complete impunity from all rules they enforce.

On December 28.2012, Jason breaks company rules by parking his truck in resident parking space.

Jason parking in a resident spot

Then the same day he uses his Midpen ingenuity by disguising the dumping of paint into the landfill by drying it first on plastic sheeting before dumping it into Fountain trash containers.

Jason paint

He then returns on March 26, 2015, for another unbelievable, inexplicable, and mindless sawing off the patio handrails

construction sawdust dirt

which have been in place for over 10 years. He sawed off the ends.

and then left the wood scattered all over my patio which I then stacked into one corner.

patio wood left by Jason

During a Midpen inspection, this wood would have produced a lease violation for me the occupant. Unbelievably, inexplicably, and mindlessly, no wood is allowed on these all wood patios.

Richard Haro, our beloved Maintenance Man is suddenly removed against his will the first week in September 2015. Midpen publishes a memo stating he requested the transfer. His new commute sits him in traffic 3 hours a day commuting to Fremont from his Palo Alto home instead of his former 10 minute commute to the Fountains.

A rumor states that Jason Garcia has been assigned to the Fountains as a personal attaché to Debra Sobeck with the sole responsibility of gathering evidence to evict the author of this blog. I research his name on the internet and the only thing that pops up is his LinkedIn account which has been set up but obviously not used for any purpose and from the following discussion he does not know the purpose of Linkedin.

I proceed to challenge him, albeit I am highly agitated knowing he is here to expressly get rid of me. What follows is what happens anytime you have a question or want an answer. Midpen protocol states you talk to the community manager who is seldom on the property and would never know the answer anyway.

But if  they have an answer it is this. O we can’t do that for you, because if we did we would have to do something for someone else and that is against our “Fair Housing” principles.

In other words the most bizzaro logic in the world.

Here again is the video.

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