Tax Credit Low Income Housing Franchise


What is a franchise?


Let’s just talk about one franchise we all know. Therefore we  don’t even have to define the word.

Star Wars franchise.

star wars

Anybody seen any Star Wars movies?


Please do not forget these numbers are not static. They increase each and every day because this Star Wars Franchise was and is a phenomenon.

Let’s talk about California tax credit housing low income people like us franchise.

CA tax cr housing

So I pay approximately $800 per month. What do you suppose Midpen gets?

Madrone Apartments, Central Expressway on Rengstorff, 1/2 mile from the Fountains.

One bedroom at Madrone Apartments = $3500. Yes this is Silicon Valley.

So Midpen gets my $800 as well as perhaps $2700 from the Federal government, State government, County government, Mountain View city government as well as others. Can anybody see a lot of money sloshing around Foster City looking for outsized salarys to give to a Midpen upper management person.


Midpen nonprofit company files a tax return called 501(c)(3).

This return lists only four people with salaries above $100,000. Using the same creative accounting that caused the collapse of Enron Corporation, Matt Franklin, Debra Sobeck, top corporate officers and the board of Directors etc., slosh this money around everywhere but only on top.

I estimate at least 30 people at Midpen make above $100,000. Yet deceitfully they only show four people above $100,000.

Is this deceitful? Yes. Omission is deceitful.

Is this moral?

Is this ethical?

Is this legal? Well President Dick Cheney’s lawyer decided waterboarding was not torture.

Whenever there is a United States drone strike which kills a so called bad person on foreign soil, there is a battery of lawyers sitting in the Pentagon saying yea or nay, allowing the US to go to war anywhere in the world while saying we are not at war.

The Pentagon has 19,000 drones allowing the US to go to war in secret. Invariably innocent civilians are killed in every drone strike sanctioned by a lawyer. 

The Takeaway of the legalities of Midpen showing only 4 people above $100,000 is a lawyer can show almost anything is legal.

How does Midpen hide these 30 people (estimated and not verified) over $100,000. That’s easy. They just charge it off to any and all of the over 100 properties they manage. 

After Manager Maria Ramos


was forced out by the Fountain Community and Manager Sharon Belcarris failed with the security breach, Midpen in exasperation brought in Marisol Huerta.

marisol lecture

We would probably all be surprised at her salary. She like me and my beginnings acts bullet proof and she came in here to kick some ass and she did.

Marisol Huerta and  Midpen presented me 2 legal documents, both basically the same, filled with her lunatic fringe fantastical lies. Their purpose was to show the presiding Eviction Judge a lunatic.

1.  July 30, 2015 permanently perform 30July

2. September 11, 2015  Perform or quit11Sept

They were definitely effective. I showed a former friend, Melissa Casey, the first one, and she no longer speaks to me. We had recently met, we took a 7 mile hike together on Rhus Ridge trail, we kissed at the end, a week later I sent her an email with the first document and it was the kiss of death

kiss of death

in our relationship.

Long story short, Marisol makes a salary large enough to buy a house, so somewhere between 50 and hundred thousand dollars/year. ( estimate and not verified).

The take away is this. At least 30 people or more make outsized salaries which they would never receive in the free market because they have so few skills.

They only know political theater, dog and pony shows, Kabuki theater.

It is not unlike the presentation of the Fountains apartments. Nicely painted on the outside and a termite epidemic eating away at its internal structure which will result in a greater loss of life in an earthquake and no one will know. A workforce of institutionalized lazy people who bully you and call the police if you want something done. 

The hand picked board of directors undoubtedly also receive outsized compensation for rubber-stamping anything Matt wants to slosh through their coffers.

They will fight to their death.

fight to the death

Unbelievably they have spent tens of thousands of dollars at the Fountains so as to prove to the Eviction presiding judge that I am a threat to the community.

We will as a nation have another recession sooner than later. Recession for sure because our economy is always cyclical and the world right now is in great turmoil.  Financially, Socially and in many other measures. When this happens, the money sloshing around Foster City will take a big hit. 

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