YES vs Protocol, policy

Pope Francis yes



Protocol Policy

I’m right and I control the Mountain View police force,

your wrong, shut up, go away,


Midpen has spent $tens of thousand of dollars to target, harass, intimidate, denigrate and declare Thomas Shepard crazy, through its employees, the Mountain View police force, Onyx security and its outside legal counsel so as to show the presiding judge at the eviction hearing I should be evicted.

I’m right you’re wrong shut up go away. We will denigrate and evict anyone who gets in the way of our mandate to mint money into our individual bank accounts with public moneys. Even though it is immoral, and unethical, our lawyers and the system tells us it is legal. Through creative accounting, just like Enron, we hide the salaries of a plethora of our employees who make over $100,000. However on our 501c3 tax return we only show 5 individuals.

We are public servants serving ourselves.

matthew-franklinrichard-chapura jan-lindenthal Debra_Webber_Sobeck Dariush-Kayhan2 art-fatum

Matthew O. Franklin


Richard S. Chapura

Vice President, Human Resources

Jan M. Lindenthal

Vice President, Real Estate Development

Debra Weber Sobeck

Vice President, Property Management

Dariush Kayhan

Vice President, Resident Services

Arthur Fatum

Chief Financial Officer

and please don’t forget the Board of Directors who undoubtedly also get outsized compensation and insider rewards as Matthew Franklin’s handpicked rubber-stamping yes people.

Mark Battey – Board Chair     Managing Director

Miramar Environmental, Inc.

Beth Bartlett – Vice-Chairperson


Bartlett Ventures

Paul Staley – Vice-Chairperson

Independent Real Estate Consultant & Developer

Monique Moyer – Treasurer

Executive Director

Port of San Francisco

Daniel Seubert – Secretary


Heffernan Seubert & French LLP

Julia Baigent – Director


Law Office of Julia M. Baigent

Gina Diaz – Director

LMS North America – Enterprise, Channel & ULA Accounts

Oracle USA

Erik Doyle – Director

Managing Director, Capital Markets

Jones Lang LaSalle

Terry Freeman – Treasurer


Terry Freeman & Associates, LLC

Koonal Gandhi – Director

Chief Investment Officer

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kim Le – Director

Founder & CEO


Richard Slaton – Director

Senior Project Manager

Zcon Builders

Susan Smartt – Director

Executive Vice President

Related California

Holly Vocal – Director

Vice President

De La Rosa & Co. Investment Bankers

Vanessa Cooper

Housing Authority

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