Malignant continues today



guard of the day Amir arrives and I usually try to meet them and chat. Amir means never dying. I’m chatting away with her and Jason Garcia

Version 2

arrives and steps between us and says I must interrupt. I say no you are not. Next he accuses me of touching his phone and calls the police. Amir says I did not and he instructs her she should watch what she says.

He calls the police and I now have my record for police visits to my apartment increased by one and therefore more ammunition for the eviction judge.

A recent similar situation  with manager Marisol Huerta.

One of our residents who is at medical risk, requested that Richard Haro, Maintenance Manager come to her apartment. I relaid the request to Marisol Huerta and she replied when she had time she would call Richard. I replied that was unacceptable. She blows off appointments and if she says 15 minutes, it might mean

one hour

one day

or never.

So I snapped this photo while she lectured me that I could not take her picture.

marisol lecture

Then she dialed the police.

marisol police

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