International Fame and Fortune, aka Follow the Money


The following individuals have been most responsible for targeting harassing and general racism toward myself just because I would like to live in peace and harmony in Mountain View California. It is so bizarre to state the following: They have created a climate that can only be described as Nazi.

Hitler’s original premise was for God and the Fatherland. He wanted to expand to feed his people. He thought he needed more land. The Scientist Jews, around the world often the smartest people in the room, said No, you can use science to increase production to feed the people. Thus began the persecution and the slaughter.

I have interrupted the Midpen Greed machine. There is a lot of money sloshing around Foster City and they want it to continue. They will fight to the death.

Through this blog, the following people have become known in the United States, France, Venezuela, Canada, and gulp Germany.


Evelyn Catalan996721_10200834025285413_76538937_n,

See Take Out at the top of the picture, just like the Midpen personal ATM machine.

Evelyn’s reign of error solely promoted and never demoted Catholic Latino and Spaniards. Despite constant criticism she kept Major League Andy right until he retired. His last 4 months he worked with just one hand yet he received full pay.


Debra Weber Sobeck,


Debra Sobeck oversaw the failure and  bankruptcy of Evans which then transitioned to EPMINow at Midpen, EPMI  people who followed her, are the first to be promoted.

Lance Smith


At our community meeting 2 days ago, Lance said in effect, there is no free speech. We could not video record because he was afraid of Sunlight as a disinfectant. Midpen and Lance use policy and protocol almost every other word instead of saying something. People in the audience were free to meet with Midpen people afterwards as long as no one else was with them except 4 Midpen people soas to verify any lie that Midpen wants to create.

Matthew O. “Matt” Franklin


Matt memorized Dr. Frank Luntz, Words That Work. Midpen total jargon is all talking points and nothing else. The workers engage in political theatre, go to endless meetings and almost nothing ever gets down. Everyone is a cog in the wheel and never allowed to express anything but company policy. 

In a 2009 interview when asked about his toughest business decision, he couldn’t remember any. Instead he had to sing the praises for Billionaire Robert Rubin. Matt and Bobby were in the Clinton administration together. Clinton and Rubin presided over the elimination of Glass–Steagall Act enacted after the Great Depression to prevent US banks from playing with tax payer money. Robert Rubin and Bill Clinton are 2 people most responsible for our last Great Recession when the banks could again gamble with taxpayer money. 

Ted Rodgers,


This is his real flag.


Greed flag $242,020.

It is no secret that every policeman in the United States has almost carte blanc impunity from everything save sexual perversion. Which just happened yesterday in Redwood city.

In New Orleans, during Katrina police shot people like animals because they were looking for food and water.

A Cleveland police officer who stood on the hood of a car and fired his gun 49 times through the windshield at two unarmed passengers was on Saturday found not guilty on two counts of voluntary manslaughter.

On 9/16/2015, Ted Rodgers was overheard talking to Lance Smith about how to declare me insane and get me institutionalized.

When I look back on this post I won’t believe I wrote this because, well then again Greed has no bounds and I’m so thankful I am poor. 

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