House of Cards about to Fall


Matt et all

The people with email addresses below have received an email invitation. Please see them for details. Please give me a headcount by Friday noon so I can reserve a larger facility if it is available. This room will hold 14 max but with standing maybe 30.

The purpose of the 20 minute talk will be to expose the following:

  1. Midpen is a souless company
  2. You will lose Hernandez vs Midpen lawsuit because a mountain of new information has been found
  3. You have breached your fiduciary responsibility to 14,000+ residents
  4. When a contractor is on your site they invariably  are at risk of OSHA  violations and you indirectly
  5. When a contractor is on site, they always try to shirk their permit requirements.
  6. When a contractor is on the site they become the de facto manager of the property.
  7. When a contractor is on  site no one at Midpen looks, they’re not even interested, they don’t have the least bit curiosity.
  8. When a contractor does work on site, you use a inspecteur to sanitize the work just like the mortgage industry used the rating companies to sanitize junk paper. That means any faulty work the inspector misses never gets found and its massive.
  9. You’re obsessive use of protocol equates to a manager never learning how to manage because we learn how to manage by making mistakes. It’s the heart of Silicon Valley, but what is most necessary is the measurement and correction when you fail. You never measure anything when you fail.
  10. You have a huge termite problem on all your older properties
  11. Your people are institutionalize laziness from the bottom to the very top
  12. You have so convoluted fair housing that if a resident wants something done you do not because someone else might want something done.
  13. You’re people categorically use intimidation harassment and continual abuse of power and its evil consequences.
  14. The same disdain which you treat residents you also treat your employees.
  15. You hire decent people and corrupt them with your values. It is common for property offices to be closed more often than they’re open. It is common for your people to break the rules more often then the residents. Those same people have complete impunity. Out of 50 to 70 Midpen employees I’ve had contact with, I found two nice people. I  found one hard worker who has been beat to shit twice because he worked too hard.
  16. This list is just the beginning. It goes on and on and on and on.

Matthew O.Franklin

Arthur Fatum

Richard S. Chapura

Dariush Kayhan

Jan M. Lindenthal

Mark Battey – Board Chair     Managing Director

Miramar Environmental, Inc.

Beth Bartlett – Vice-Chairperson


Bartlett Ventures

Paul Staley – Vice-Chairperson

Independent Real Estate Consultant & Developer

Monique Moyer – Treasurer

Executive Director

Port of San Francisco

Daniel Seubert – Secretary


Heffernan Seubert & French LLP

Julia Baigent – Director


Law Office of Julia M. Baigent

Gina Diaz – Director

LMS North America – Enterprise, Channel & ULA Accounts

Oracle USA

Erik Doyle – Director

Managing Director, Capital Markets

Jones Lang LaSalle

Terry Freeman – Treasurer


Terry Freeman & Associates, LLC

Koonal Gandhi – Director

Chief Investment Officer

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Kim Le – Director

Founder & CEO


Richard Slaton – Director

Senior Project Manager

Zcon Builders

Susan Smartt – Director

Executive Vice President

Related California

Holly Vocal – Director

Vice President

De La Rosa & Co. Investment Bankers

Vanessa Cooper

Housing Authority


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