Peace of mind

The needle has finally moved. Midpen has finally admitted failureAdmitting Failure

There is no victory for me, just a bit of peace of mind. The journey is the reward.

I am appalled at our local and national.government.  The same goes to police everywhere. When the Mountain View swat team comes into Pete’s coffee Mountain View California I am scared for our country. Silicon Valley is now moving so fast that every young person walking to school is at risk from a speeding car and the swat team should be disbanded. Instead they should be guarding the sidewalks and crosswalks for the young instead of scaring the shit out of me and killing anything that moved on the bridge at Katrina.

I have been engaged in a civil disobedience effort, along with others, to effect a exponential change at the Fountains and Midpen. We call ourselves the

Tribe of Zane. It’s not the best branding but it’s all about heart.


My last blog post spoke of my many heroes and now I have them in Mountain View California Government and police force.

Mountain view California Health and safety inspector, Jim Peterson, was instrumental in citing Gallaher construction for their continuing egregious disregard for the health and safety of Fountain residents. I first met Jim Peterson August 26 2015 approximately 8 AM at his Mountain View CA office, and within two hours he arrived at our property issuing a work stoppage to prevent cowboy construction. On that same day, learning he was from Santa Cruz, I tried to bribe him with a jar of Santa Cruz honey which he flat out refused for the obvious reasons.

My civil disobedience made me well-known with the Mountain View Police Department. I hope to replace the picture below with a better picture. This team of officers came to my door on two occasions. On first occasion the gentleman handled the situation. On the second occasion his extraordinary partner.  They were so full of humanity and compassion it blew my mind. There was never a display of power. I did receive lectures about keeping out of peoples faces. And keeping out of people’s faces is a necessary life lesson.

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