Help, I need somebody


Help, not just anybody
Help, you know I need someone, help

If you’ve only read bits and pieces of this blog started on August 5, 2015 the result may be the following

  1. Gallagher construction has made a series of stupid and egregious errors., including three permit violations two of which directly endangered the health and welfare of the residents. They are the de facto managers now and continually harass intimidate this blog author.
  2. The Fountain Apartments save one employee are so institutionalized laziness, they are ignorant and dumb. They are decent people but their laziness begets the ignorant and dumb.
  3. Fountains is not a one-off. It is perfectly representative of all Mid-pen Housing properties even if the property happens to be shining brand-new.
  4. Mid-pen Housing is Fountains apartments parent company overseeing 14,000 residents, 100+ properties.
  5. Mid-pen Housing, because of ignorance and dumbness, does not follow any tried and true property management principles. They make it up and it is sandbox mentality.
  6. There are more than several people on the Fountain property who have various medical problems and need help, Mid-pen Housing
    just doesn’t give a flying F.
  7. Mid-pen is strictly a political animal, instead of property management principles you get  political theater, dog and pony shows, Kabuki theater; if you want something done to someone in need, they might call the police on you. The Latino manager called the police yesterday on me because I was trying to help a Latino resident who is at risk.

The secret sauce of Silicon Valley is everyone shares information. Everyone shares how to do how to negotiate, best practices, how to everything: in coffee shops at cocktail parties and especially on the Internet. I could list tens of thousands of blogs events demos classes free classes free free free free free free free to sharing, but I list just 2 as an example.   How to start a startup an online class so phenomenal you can start a business just from watching this class. Four hour work week where you learn from peak performers all at the top of  their game how to do almost anything you want to do and their best practices and rituals they use to succeed.

I’m now reaching out to my heroes on the Internet almost all of whom have never heard of me but don’t have to because many of them are so generous, again the secret sauce of Silicon Valley, everyone shares everything. So Reaching out to the following people blogs companies podcasts. Living or not.

How can I make this blog viral so as to effect a change? Help you know I need someone help.

My heroes in no particular order:

@photomatt @tferriss @PeterDiamandis @Scobleizer

@SebastianThrun @pahlkadot @GoogleVentures @lessig 

@cshirky;  @pmarca @ianbremmer @elonmusk @davemcclure 

@bjfogg  @danariely @DanielPink @ArthurLevitt @EdwardTufte 

 @Gimletmedia @peterthiel @LPagehpttt @sherylsandberg 

@balajis  @stewart @psaffo @jack@TEDchris @timoreilly

 @reidhoffman   @BreneBrown @naval @kevin2kelly @TaraBrach 

@avantgame   @PeterDiamandis @photomatt @tferriss 

@chefsamkass @bryan_johnson @GoogleXProject @noahkagan

 @photomatt@abexlumberg @rolfpotts @freakonomics @RyanHoliday 

@democracynow @iraglass @startupschool @planetmoney 

@EconTalke @a16z @AoDespai @RigobertMenchu @sama @paulg 

@ycombinator @tim_cook @SirKenRobinson @avantgame 

@kellymcgonigal @M_Heffernan @PhilZimbardo @LaszloBock2718 

@GuyKawasaki @amyjccuddy

I’m also compelled to site a book as my hero: Work Rules!
And a hero Stanford class: Mindfullness-Based Stress Reduction taught by hero Patty Mclucas

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