Fountains apartment is not a One-Off

The Fountains is typical of all Midpen properties. I have visited 10 Midpen properties, as well as many John Stewart, Bridge, and Eden locations.
Dan Ariely  says everybody cheats a little bit but still feels good about themselves. But if you have a situation where there is no supervision then the system allows people to spiral out of control just like the Milgram experiment, the Stanford prison study, Abu Ghraib and even Katrina where police we’re given orders to Shoot to kill anything that moved.
Midpen employees are always the biggest rule violators. They role model this behavior to residents,  who they then punish with aplomb.
Midpen managers across the board lack life experiences. They do not learn how to manage because of protocol. Often, it seems they don’t even speak English because their life experiences are so limited. Recently I used the word startup with a Midpen manager and they asked me what that meant.
What follows is a pictorial account of a non Fountain manager who manages one property and is a nighttime manager on a different property.
I didn’t know they made a box this large. 4’x4’x4′. Obviously against fire safety regulations as well as Midpen rules. This is a patio. It stayed there 2 months despite my request to Daniel Fagen, property manager at the time who shared with me he had to go through another property manager because of the bureaucracy.
 All pictures below are inside the manager’s car which sat overnight.
Melanie Kuuipo Casperson
These propane gas cylinders we’re placed directly behind the drivers seat where they sat three days while the car was being driven. As I said, Midpen managers lack elementary life experiences.
Melanie Kuuipo Casperson
Picture shows bank deposit satchel with the distinctive lock and key. WT F
If you’re going to leave a personal legal document in your car, I guess you will leave your company legal documents in your car as well. Or as in the colossal security breach, you leave it in the hallway with all your office doors open and all the resident keys exposed.
Midpen forced WordPress, the platform for this blog, to remove a picture I had here showing

legal documents

which a Midpen manager left scattered around in their car overnight while it was parked on a public street.
If you see a sloppy maintenance supply room it’s indicative of what the property may look like. This is a statement of what this manager’s property and office organization might look. However I know they don’t walk around that property because they don’t around their night manager’s property.
melody food fight car Melanie popcorn
A company resident contract document, maybe no big deal but maybe it is.
Rumors are rampant at various locations in the company that checks don’t get cashed on time or maybe they don’t make it all. Either way this check sitting overnight in the car is more than careless.

Midpen forced WordPress, the platform for this blog, to remove a picture I had here showing


which a Midpen manager  left scattered around in their car overnight while it was parked on a public street.

Managers break rules on the property and on city streets on other peoples properties. Scroll up 4 pictures and see Superior court traffic etc.
melanie melanie blocking driveway overnight
Midpen is a corruption of values. It hires decent people and then through institutionalized laziness, corruption of values, no supervision, and executes a OCD mentality of punishment. It allows people only to follow protocol, and they never learn how to manage because they never are able to make mistakes which is the way people learn how to manage.
Failure is the heart of the start up world also known as Silicon Valley.
You don’t learn how to manage out of a book, You don’t learn leadership by the book. This corruption of values goes all the way to the very top.
I have been intimidated harassed given repeated lease violations, issued fantastical lies in a legal document and driven to complete distraction. I’ve lived here six years and it’s never been my home through senseless idiotic 10,20,30 invasions of my privacy every year through incompetent scheduling of inspections. When your contractors come on the property they act just like your employees and they completely run over everyone as de facto managers. It’s going on right now and it looks like this property is doomed to continual construction every year because it’s a mess. Residents can never believe what Midpen employees say: it’s either an excuse or a lie. It’s always a dog and pony show political theater. Your offices are commonly closed more than they are open.
Services employees are the laziest creatures the world has ever known.
Matthew Franklin, Debra Sobeck, Evelyn Catlin, and Richard Chapura, if you can find him in Canada, should all be fired. Your Company is as evil as the Egyptian government which just imprisoned journalist for reporting the news, and you want to engage in a witchhunt against me or anyone who doesn’t want to be oppressed by your dehumanization. You have so twisted fair housing to have your employees say that if someone wants something they can’t get it because someone else might want something. Moronic beyond belief.
One last thing to Matt, Debra and Eveyln,
If you dare make this above person a sacrificial lamb, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is your system that is the problem. That system is YOU.

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