Fountains safety violations daily occurrence

As previously mentioned, construction projects dominate control and become de facto property managers at the Fountains.

August 31 2015, I observed the following events:
Gallagher truck early afternoon speeding past Big Michael’s wife and baby forcing them to duck for cover. 
I say  hello to these Russian people everyday and they would verify. When my civil disobedience first began, Michael shook my hand and said Good Luck. This truck was just visiting.
Gallaher driving excessively fast past baby
Gasoline container,
gasoline engine,
and toxic Sikaflex
stored overnight in hot marginally ventilated electrical rooms building B and C.
Gallagher construction given complete control of these electrical rooms; they adjust locks and doors for their benefit. Marisol Huerta, Fountain Community manager allows them unfettered control.
Nassim Taleb and his Precautionary Principle would say this product should not be used in residential situations especially closely space apartment of the elderly. Gallaher is using it on a massive scale. The men use their cloveless  fingers to smooth the caulk, a common practice, but toxic xylene playing chicken with your health.
 Screen door at Dan’s apartment C529,
haphazardly placed, hippy construction,  allowing insects to enter. Mountain View is spraying for West Nile virus mosquitoes 9/2/2015. FogWestNile9.2.15  which Midpen will never talk about because 95% of our front and rear door screens leak insects. West Nile virus is most dangerous to the very young and very old. No cure.
Fountain residents receive a slick monthly newsletter which I call the nothing newsletter. Most of our residents don’t read it because English is their second language. FountainNews9.1.15
This months newsletter full of safety suggestions showing its full evil hypocrisy in view of disregard for resident safety.

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