I am processed for eviction. Midpen is locked and loaded pointing at me.

My status through Midpen eyes:
  1. 2010 inmate
  2. 2011 problematic
  3. 2012 persona non grata
  4. 2013 pariah
  5. 2014 highly evictable
  6. 2015 eviction process started

I am a thorn in Midpen side. They know up-and-down the chain of command I think they’re lazy, abuse power, corruption of values and immature.  I am a threat to Sobeck’s

Community manager Marisol Huerta, assistant community manager Monica Zamora, social service assistant Heidi Monroy using fantastical creativity were instrumental in creating ”perform or quit”, the last step to begin the eviction process. This troika is in the

This troika, jealous of Richards’s prominence are the same rumored troika causing Richards’s latest bullying by the bureaucracy. They are truly Sobeck institutionalized laziness soldiers.
They are locked and loaded and they have me in their sites

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