The Bully bureaucracy strikes again


Maintenance Manager Richard Haro as you will recall in another post, was initiated into the Bully mean-ness of the Midpen bureaucracy. If someone files a grievance on you, lease violation or an eviction, the process Will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the Midpen law.  I’m just doing my job.

Despite getting the shit beat out of him, Richard rebounded and began a special schooling arranged through Midpen, undoubtedly government subsidized which requires Richard to be paid while he attends class and is absent from work. Sweet deal. Another reason for peers to be jealous. Recounting Richards attributes

  1. Extremely likable and appreciated
  2. Wholeheartedness
  3. Charismatic
  4. Works hard in the arena taking shots

But now the schooling gives people another reason to be jealous. Rumors fly that the jaws of the bureaucracy are chewing on Richard again.


This is now two regimes in a row who want to beat up a peak performer. Institutionalized laziness Will not tolerate excellence. It must be and will be kept in Place.

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