New Manager establishes fiefdom

Fountains has no manager 2 months. One Midpen property went 9 months without a manager and then installed a non high school diploma individual.

Marisol Huerta begins 5/2/2014. She established a dance Club fashion code.

Yes, she has worn dresses this length to work. With highest of heels that no Professional Property Manager would wear walking around a property.


Immediately Marisol exhibits Midpen veracity. You can’t believe a thing she says.

She said I have a:

  1. husband
  2. mate
  3. boyfriend

If she said I’ll be back in 15 minutes it means

  1. 1 hour
  2. 1 day
  3. never

Her fiefdom is based on institutional laziness. 

  1. Marisol has no office hours. There are phony posted hours. The office is closed 50% of time.
  2. Marisol treats the office as a nursery for her children, and even has the residents  take care of them.
  3. Even the days when Marisol is  there Marisol constantly leaves the office for errands and errands and errands.
  4. Marisol allows any Midpen person to park in any resident, 2 hr guest parking, or handicapped parking.  Assistant Manager Monica Zamara parked her car in handicap all day 8/7/2015monica
  5. Marisol unapologetically blows you off. She has blown every appointment she has made with me and I’ve seen countless people in the lobby waiting waiting waiting. This my time is worth more than your time is Arrogant Narcismnarcism
  6. She is treating the community room and the computer room as her personal domain. It took the community two years to wrestle away from services those rooms so that people could use them. Now Marisol is shutting them down authoritarianly and always with no notices no explanations. Again blowing you off just like her appointments.
  7. Institutionalized laziness and power abuse are synonymous. Marisol’s Power abuse makes her lazy: Marisol doesn’t have to worry, Marisol doesn’t have to know, Marisol doesn’t have to do. Marisol doesn’t show up.
  8. Experiential immaturity. I see this in the majority of Midpen employees. Where have you traveled and what did you see, taste, smell, touch, feel; but most importantly what did you BUILD, collaborate, change, innovate, create. I see a dearth of experiences and the resulting Maturity Scarcity. 

Merisol has a Hotness abundance. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Perhaps her supervisor has rose colored glasses on and is dazzled by the light.


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