Health and Safety

Institutionalized laziness equates to strictly lip service. Repeating a recent post fire lanes were blocked in multiple areas 14 days in a row and this construction/ lumber storage work area blocked the main entrance of 4 elderly residents  usage which would also be quickest for  medical emergency.

There is no supervision, nobody looks and the managers that should, have the power to do nothing.


No one looks. This vendor comes every week ands breaks health  regulations setting vegetables and fruit top crow feces. Manager Marisol has purchased produce here. She has no clue.

food on pavement

West Nile Virus killed 286 Americans in 2012. Fogging has taken placed recently in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Most dangerous for elderly and young. The vast majority of all Fountain  front door and rear door screens leak insects.

These photos show 1/2″ gaps at the top and bottom of the screen. All new replacement screens are so inferior in quality that they always sag at the non-hinge top corner.

IMG_6705 IMG_6709

Reliance on protocol equates to a manager not learning not experiencing with resulting incompetencies. They avoid learning with their protocol go to: the police.

Early June 2010 Stan Zulawnick, Fountains A208 suffered his fourth stroke. Stan was a likable pain in the ass, always wanting you to do everything for him mostly looking for company alcoholic family reformed 12 step. He had two vehicles would leave town for a week or two at a time and Andy had a two day move your car invisible rule. Andy  did not like Stan, so Stan and myself received the most parking violations.

At fourth stroke Stan was incoherent with car in Office driveway. He was not belligerent. Andy and Maria did not like pain in ass Stan. Maria called the police.

Sobeck Stanley

If if a stroke victim gets to the hospital quickly, they usually walk out on their feet. Maria should’ve called an ambulance. She was just following protocol sir. Police come and realize Stan should be at hospital, call the ambulance. Stan does not walk out of the hospital on his feet. Time is of the essence. 

Andy doesn’t like Stan. Car towed. Stan comes home from hospital in 30 days. Wheelchair. Storage fees greater then value of car. Car sold by towing company. I was just following protocol sir.



  • Unreasonably Excessive is
  • unethical Power Abuse

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