Midpen Services, a modern day WPA

Midpen has three divisionsServices is a modern day WPA except you don’t even have to look like your working. Its mission is commendable however the institutionalized laziness of its people has been modeled throughout the entire company.

Augie March, Chapter 13, page 2. Augie unemployed, contemplating joining the WPA observed a crew of WPA workers: “with that shame of purposelessness you smelled as the gang moved a little just enough to satisfy the minimum demand of the job”

In 1984 The Ministry of Love enforced loyalty to Big Brother through fear and a massive apparatus of security.

Services employees have so much time on their hands if they don’t like you they intimidate police and punish.

Andy’s resident peer group were smokers and dog owners. Andy allowed smoking and dog barking. His wife smoked on  Fountain apartment property and his wife’s dog was the biggest barking problem. Services Beverly major activity everyday was smoking.

It has been illegal to smoke on this property since 2010.

  • Smoking continues daily

Returning one day in my car I saw the results of Beverly’s most famous activity: smoking and bingo.There was Michelle Beverly Greg Bonnie behind the community building smoking just like this picture of Beverly.bev

Beverly would put her cigarette out in the dumpster.


One day I met with her supervisor 2 steps up, C. La Trice Taylor. I complained about the smoking and showed her photo.

  • Two weeks later I’m called into Manager Maria’s office and both Maria and C. La Trice Taylor present me with a lease violation, which naturally does not mention smoking or any correlation.

Natalia is Beverly’s cigarette smoking supervisor. Suddenly Andy has 2 more Midpen collaborators. Hippy gorilla posters appeared labeling Natalia and Beverly autocratic and lazy. The constabulary decided I was the villain and it was set into motion.

Criminology degree Natalia woke up one morning on her million dollar Pacifica estate got into her brand-new Lexus drove down to Mountain View illegally accessed my medical emergency telephone contact and called my FORMER best friend. She then proceeded to completely embarrass intimidate harass and slander myself to my former lifelong best friend.

Its a mystery why Natalya works at Midpen. Perhaps she wants to use the Services and Medicare to eventually offer Marijuana to Seniors.

Natalya Marijuana connection

All 4 employees at the Fountains are now in the Major Leagues acting just like policeman Maintenance Manager Andy. I’m in the same jaws of the bureaucracy as Richard Haro and there going for my juggler.

Finally, at 64 Beverly is fired for laziness.

  • Services equals almost nothing 
  • House of Cards


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