Current Construction Fail

Fountains apartments built in 1988 has significant dry rot and termite damage. Mid pen has told residents it’s only dry rot. Typical obfuscation. We are given 3 month completion estimate. Its already taken 5, my guess at least 1 more year.

I guess six figures of work.

3/16/2015 Gallaher Construction begins job. They began with 8 men. They dropped this load of lumber taking 2 spaces. Since the contractor is now in charge of the Fountains they will take as many spaces as they want. Contractor is scheduled and takes orders from an undisclosed bunker at Midpen corporate headquarters. Local Manager will lip service that they are in charge and know whats what.


3/17/2015 Gallaher Construction stops job.  Lumber sits idle for 3 months. Midpen would be incapable of moving it to a nearby place that does not take a parking spot because that would require effort and initiative.

For over 3 months Gallaher and Midpen left dangerous lumber stored by the back storeroom. Midpen does not display common sense about safety. I’ve seen this on their other properties.

  • FAIL
  • Failure to plan is a plan to fail. Gallagher is a plan to fail. They don’t have a checklist. They claimed to be a contractor and forget to do the first thing a contractor does for the job. Pull the effing permit.
  • Midpen fails its fiduciary responsibility to at least make sure the contractor has pulled a permit and they can do it online from your secret bunker in Foster City.

Exposed nails 30 days

No Supervision. No one looks.

Open Midpen storeroom overtaken by Gallaher. See Gallaher yellow box of Sikaflex on the floor. $Tens of thousands of Midpen tools.

storeroom open Gallaher IMG_2807 Gallaher left these nails exposed at patio 5 months

This is a cord right through the front main office door. Common sense: you don’t do this. Risk Liability: you never do this.


So now that Gallaher Construction, like Midpen employees, are feeling frisky about their power running the property they block the rear fire lane in multiple locations 24/7 two weeks in row.

gallaher storing lumber fire lane block footpath gallaher blocking lane gallaher blocking fire lane

You failed human decency blocking all these footpaths with blatant disregard.

firelane blocked Gallaher firelane blocked Gallaher firelane blocked Gallaher

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