Meeting with Evelyn Catalin 9/22/2011

Evelyn is so slick, I am blinded

Manager Maria, property manager Tong Vo (a  unctuous Uriah Heep yes-man), Evelyn and myself meet. My agenda included Andy, Draconian rules etc. During the meeting I told Evelyn that I had visited over 10 Midpen properties and one of their Managers had said the following: “they, the Manager, would never live in a Midpen facility because of the Draconian rules. This unstated manager was actually Maria.
Evelyn replied,” I sure would like to speak to that manager.” The implication which I received and which I am sure Maria received was Midpen managers are not allowed to express their own opinions. They are only allowed to express corporate talking points. This is authoritarian chilling.
I did not know it at the time, but from here on out Maria and I were not ever simpatico again. She crossed the line so quickly it was hard to recognize her as the same person. She withdrew, gained a lot of weight and became just like Andy.  She became a Manager you could not trust, who targeted residents who dissented, until the entire community rose up in unison demanding and receiving her removal.
But I had been blinded, and for a moment placated and appeased but not knowing. I emailed the head of Property Management and complimented Evelyn and said we had a productive meeting. After the meeting, absolutely no changes were made in Andy’s behavior and Breaking Bad changes in Maria’s behavior.
break bad

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