Major league asshole

The significant event
Please note a most important thought to this entire blog.
  • Midpen is comprised of all decent people. Any time I label anyone I am speaking of their values and not the person. Generally, Corruption of values.
Maintenance Andy shows himself uncomfortable in his own skin, spends just a few seconds showing me the apartment, and races out. I don’t see Andy for two weeks. The next time I see Andy I asked how you doing? I already figured out he is a bare minimum worker. Andy answers and tells me how heavy his work load is and how hard he’s working. This same refrain is expressed by every Midpen employee you meet while they are simultaneously doing bare minimum.
Andy and I lock horns.
  • Andy was first and foremost A police and punish. All Midpen employees are taught to be the eyes and the ears of the company. Always vigilant.

Over the course of my first three years and Andy’s last three years, I complained no less than 20 times. Most of the time Andy would retaliate with some new made up parking rule or enhanced harrassment of me. Midpen individual properties have their own invisible unpublished (Kangaro0 Court) rules they make up as is their want.

  • Another refrain of this blog is it’s so bizarre you can’t make this shit up.
When Maria was first manager at the Fountains, Andy towed her car. Andy over the course of 3 years ticketed at least 50 cars. Except for Midpen employees, we don’t have a parking problem here. In the last two years since Andy left, there have been no cars ticketed because there is not a problem.
Andy was a angry man with a clenched fist expression constantly on his face,
never smiled, the common areas of the property were always very dirty, was extremely bare minimum lazy. For years he would walk by our Russian Jewish residents and Asian residents, never acknowledging them never looking at them with always a mean expression on his face. Most kept their heads down when passing Andy. Maria kept assuring me that they were dealing with Andy implying he would soon be gone, Only a matter of time.
  • Residents did not turn in work orders because they did not want Andy in their home. I personally repaired plumbing for Tamara and Alexandr at Fountains 828.
  • At MidPen you can be a Major league asshole and retire at 65 in fashionable Los Banos.
  • But the real bottom line is Midpen employees have complete impunity.

They are self directed, unsupervised, they are always the biggest rule breakers on the property. UNTOUCHABLE

Resident complaints and requests are taken with a smile, a big greeting and totally disregarded. How could this possibly be so? Maria told me.
  • “When you come to us and want something, we can’t really do it because if we did, someone else would want something and then where would be be.”
You can’t make this shit up.
Midpen inmates eventually realize they are Sisyphus
Dickens taught me the Inmate metaphor.
Andy forced us all to live breath and feel like an inmate and this sickness is dictated by  Midpen protocol. They are OCD rules, regulations and procedures. I’m  just following orders sir.

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