I transfer apartments  6/15/2012 Fiasco is Midpen normal

After 2 years, I learn Fiasco  is Midpen normal.


I move out of Maintenance Manager Andy’s building for distance. Andy prepares my new apartment. Andy hates working on this apartment because I’m his pariah. Protocol dictates 6 days to prepare and I’m ready with all possessions in the center of my old apartment day 6.

IMG_4509 IMG_4513

My possessions are on ice for 3 weeks and unable to enjoy my old apartment. No updates from office.

I meet Andy for final walk thru and its bare minimum. I create 3 page punchlist. Andy takes one more week. I move in out of desperation even though incomplete.

  • I have to sign its perfect and complete.
  • Paint slopped everywhere, paint missing everywhere, vinyl below sink incomplete, shower requires razorblades to remove filth, no stove hood.
  • Cleaning and slopped paint removal take 10 hours



IMG_4750 (1)

brass edge closet doors


[window screen paint




IMG_4861 (1)

IMG_4863 (1)

  • However the worst was to come.

The first night was cool, I closed all windows and awoke the next morning with a migraine headache. I don’t get migraine headaches. The smoke odor was omnipresent. It still exist today. The first month I ran purchased large fans and ran them 24/7 for one month.

IMG_5304 IMG_5306

Midpen finally provided Air Purifiers which you see on top the boxes. I ran them continuously but they didn’t seem to be efficacious. Closets were the worst so I  removed pantry door and the clothes closet sliding doors.

  • The walls should have cleaned with TSP. I doubt Midpen knows what that is.

IMG_5547 IMG_5552

Insult to injury. I was charged for transfer.

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