I am born

This is a story about Dystopian Midpen Housing but first my brief bio.

 David Copperfield, first chapter begins “I am born.”
I was born on a farm in the seismic area of Iowa known as the Des Moines lobe. I often use the fault line metaphor having spent many years living on the San Andreas fault in Stinson Beach. I am a Guitar wannabe and my imaginary rock and roll group is called Thomas Dowa and the San Andrea fault line review.  My mother was Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong all the men are good looking and all the children who are not dysfunctional are above average. My father was a World War II Prisoner Of War, his fighter plane shot down in Nazi Germany.  Iowa/Mom is Bible Belt conservative, they vote TV (fox news) it was very racist where I grew up and our country still is, good schools (albeit my grammar is pathetic), hard work ethic.

A Defining moment on my journey was a graduate school paper I wrote entitled Prejudice and the personality prone to propagate it. Another seminal moment for me was 10 Million downloads in 10 weeks where I became a Geek WannaBe.

Since I live in Silicon Valley where failure is embraced, it is not necessarily a bad word unless left unmeasured &/or no learning in the process.

I have spent most of my life egocentric with both feet or at least one foot in the sandbox. Meditation specifically Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction has taught me to become more sociocentric.

I love the San Francisco Bay area, the freest most beautiful place in the US.

Lastly the internet has provided me a plethora of heroes, thought leaders, authors, peak performers who have taught and guided me on my journey. I mention One hero @photomatt allows me to write this blog.

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